Corporate Overview

Forged Blocks

The use of metal in industrial and manufacturing processes is inevitable. The most convenient way to obtain metal is to get it in forged blocks India, which is why we at Sunil Forgings make sure that we provide our clients with the most workable and customized die blocks. Our endeavours with the product, the sizes of the block and the material with which we work has shown the kind of potential we hold in the prospect of serving our clients, which is why we have been placed among the leading forging block manufacturers in India. Having belonged to the industry since a great number of years, we at Sunil Forgings understand the requirements of our clients with a lot of empathy, which is why we have gained an expertise in the manufacturing of forged steel block.

Our focus towards helping in the creation of a harmonious and flourishing industrial sector compels us to give in our best, each time we fulfil a client requirement. This is one reason why we at Sunil Forgings try to provide the most viable service even for a simple requirement of forging steel blocks in India. The foundation of the great production begins with material such as die block, which helps motivate the team of Sunil Forgings to place their best foot forward, whether the block order is a big one or a small one. Providing the strongest, most ductile and the most customizable blocks is something that we keep in mind to keep progressing.

We can manufacture custom forged blocks of any material grades as per your requirement. Contact us to get a quote today!