Corporate Overview

Forged Rolls

Taking the industrial sector forward with the help of our range of forged steel rolls is something that we at Sunil Forgings take very seriously. We consider it an opportunity to be able to contribute to the growth and prosperity of a business when we are asked to supply the forged rolls. This is a major reason why we make sure that the products that we create for our clients are made as per the exact requirement. With the most accurate diameters and the perfect weights, our forging steel roll is created to suffice the need of the buyer with a high level of efficiency.

The power of customization that we offer with our open die forging method is unmatched in quality by anyone in the industry, which is a huge identity of the experience and expertise that we hold in the field. With state of the art machinery and techniques, Sunil Forgings stands at a level where we have become one among the forging roll manufacturers in India. Our technical know-how and the professional approach have helped us achieve a position where we are considered as pioneer among makers of forged rolls India. Our drive to provide our patrons with nothing lower than the best is something that helps us grow in leaps and bounds and also ensures the smooth functioning of the business processes of our clients and patrons.

We at Sunil Forgings, set the bar a notch higher with the impeccable service and product quality that we give in the making of the forged rolls.

We can manufacture custom forged rolls of any material grades as per your requirement. Contact us to get a quote today!