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About Sunil Forging

SFSI II is one of the 5 open die forging companies in India.

We at Sunil Forging and Steel Industries make sure that we live up to the image that we have created for ourselves as one among the pioneering open die forging companies. With the kind of uses that our product range is put in, we take immense pride in calling ourselves as one of the biggest forging companies in India.

The range of products that we manufacture in India includes forged shafts, forging rolls, forging block, forged ring, etc. We cater to companies across industries such as building and constructions, infrastructure development, heavy machinery industries, nuclear technology companies and many other such organizations. The association of our company as forging manufacturers in India with stalwarts across industries has helped us in establishing a name and image for ourselves in the industry.

We make sure to provide our client base with a range of most essential and worthy forging products. This makes sure that patrons that get tied up with us get the best of the forging world and are able to use the machines as instruments of production that make them pioneers in their respective fields. Our quality to serve nothing lower than the best to our clients is what has made us one of the best forging roll manufacturers in India and forging block manufacturers in India. In the field of forging machinery, we at Sunil Forging have crossed all boundaries of excellence and continue to raise the bar higher with every initiative that we take up.
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